28/ Mixed-Use Development Putbus
Putbus / Germany







Putbus, Rügen, Germany




In Progress

  • YEAR : 2022
  • LOCATION : Putbus, Rügen, Germany
  • TYPOLOGY : Mixed-Use
  • STATUS : In Progress

Putbus is a town on the southeastern coast of the island of Rügen, North Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. Putbus was founded in 1810 by Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus as his town of residence and had it built in the Classicist style so that the town formed a harmonious union with the park and palace. Malte also introduced sea bathing to Germany at Lauterbach which is about 2 km from Putbus. The nickname of the place as the “White Town” (Weiße Stadt) comes from its white-painted houses, but it is also referred to as Rosenstadt (“Rose Town”) due to the many rose bushes in front of individual buildings.

Our proposal for a Mixed-use Development in the center is a highly contextual in-fill project which consists of a series of pitched roofs that, together with the existing hotel, frames two green courtyards. The pitched roofs are mediating between the two-story scale found on Alleestrasse to the scale of the existing hotel while offering views over one another towards the Schlosspark with the Baltic sea on the horizon. The façade is composed of an exoskeleton inspired by the idea of scaling up the mullioned windows on the existing hotel to allow for generous natural light and ensure internal flexibility. Additionally, the façade is populated with various sizes of vertical lamellas and loggias to ensure privacy and private outdoor spaces respectively.

Direct commission Mixed-use Development: Residential, Hotel, Commerce, Park, Garage.

PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas

Design team: Peter Pichler, Niklas Knap, Cem Ozbasaran, Silvia Pennisi, Marco Caprani, Nathalia Rotelli

GFA:  Phase 1: 18.300 m²  / Phase 2: 8.700 m²

Client: M.A. Grundstuecksverwaltungs gmbh & co. kg