32/ Bonfiglioli Headquarters
Bologna / Italy







Bologna, Italy


Offices and Headquarters


Completed Work

  • YEAR : 2024
  • LOCATION : Bologna, Italy
  • TYPOLOGY : Offices and Headquarters
  • STATUS : Completed Work

Bonfiglioli’s new headquarters is not just a place of work but a testament to the potential of sustainable design in the industrial sector. The main design goal was to create an efficient and functional office building that represents the identity and cultural values of the Italian company. The design challenges sustainability through an intelligent geometry, a celebration of indirect northern light in an office building. A building with maximum comfort for the people working in it.

The starting point of the design was to incorporate the courtyard typology of the existing masterplan buildings into the massing. This courtyard houses a green garden on the ground floor and enhances natural ventilation through a chimney effect. In response to local sunlight conditions, the building’s roof has been tilted, enlarging the north facade to maximize workspace with indirect natural light. The south-facing facades and roof of the headquarters are clad in a second skin made from a custom continuous pleated aluminum mesh, which filters intense light and ensures a comfortable indoor environment while saving energy. The pleated geometry is inspired by the company’s gears while the aluminum mesh recalls the shavings that are produced daily as a byproduct of the company’s supply chain.

Its unique sloped roof design culminates in six terraces, all oriented towards the south. These terraces provide serene outdoor spaces for reflection and pause, offering views of the iconic Santuario Madonna di San Luca. This connection to the outdoors, together with the views, enriches the daily experience of those who work there.



PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas

PPA Design Team: Peter Pichler, Niklas Knap, Simona Alù, Ugo Licciardi, Cem Ozbasaran, Filippo Ogliani, Giovanni Paterlini, Domenico Calabrese, Nathalia Rotelli, Angela Ferrari, Alessandro Cardellini, Simone Valbusa

Status: Competition first prize – Completion in 2024

Client: Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.P.A.

Area: 6200 m²

Structure & MEP: ARUP

Electrical engineering: ARUP

Façade planning: Pichler Projects

Fire consultant: ICS Ingegneria

Acoustics: Solarraum

Site supervision: Studio Taddia

General Contractor: Ing Ferrari, Pichler Projects

Project management Bonfiglioli: Federico Mazzanti, Chiara Persi, Vincenzo Lamanna

Photography: Gustav Willeit