30/ Bierzeltgarnitur




Industrial Design


Completed Work

  • YEAR : 2015
  • TYPOLOGY : Industrial Design
  • STATUS : Completed Work

The project is based on a material distortion of the classic “Bierzeltgarnitur”, a simple set of 2 foldable benches and a foldable table made of wood. The traditional design, also known as “Volksfest” furniture, is very diffused in the German-speaking region of Europe.  The traditional piece is a symbol of the folklore culture and often used for festivities.

The project by PPA plays with this ‘standardized’ design by distorting it through the use of high-end stainless steel, while keeping it fully functional and foldable. The project analyzes how a design can radically change by simply using another material and should highlight the future importance of mass customization in design.

Designer: Peter Pichler

Material: mirror-polished stainless steel