Our projects bridge the gap between interiors and exteriors, creating a contemporary reinterpretation of the past that upholds the current Zeitgeist.
We truly believe that beauty contributes to people’s wellbeing, and understand the complexities between human relationships and space. We are inspired by vernacular architecture to pursue a final project which is innately embedded in the place where it was created. Connected to the natural environment throughout our entire process, to ensure that we give back through our designs.


We believe that tradition lies at the heart of evolution.
At PPA the greatest disruption occurs through deep reflection on what already exists plus our team’s high-level expertise and inquisitive mindset. Our contemporary reinterpretation of traditional elements enables us to construct the future, adapting to today’s local needs and realities. We want to contribute to a sustainable future by designing projects which uphold our valuable past.


We believe in a radically different approach; we pursue a positive impact.
Hence, we do not design and then incorporate ‘sustainability’. Inspired by vernacular architecture, creating from our environment and in harmony with it lies at the very core of every PPA project. This holistic perception sets the scene and permeates our entire design process- from constant collaboration with expertly trained engineers who measure impact, all the way to the materials we use, which are locally sourced and selected. Coherence and complicity with the geographical environment and the culture that envelops our timeless design determine its success.


Context goes beyond the immediate physical surroundings of the architectural objects.
Before project design, it is necessary to understand and connect with the location and engage with the culture, ways of living, needs, climate, and local people. Through contemporary reinterpretations, we bring nature, heritage, and culture into physical spaces to materialize our client’s vision. We perceive Architecture as a frozen moment of culture.


At PPA research is the origin and driver of every project.
Coupled with our expertise in the most disruptive technology at hand, we materialize our thought and design process to produce dramatically innovative creations. Simulations through the use of parametric tools enable us to test projects from every angle, ranging from engineering to sustainability targets while maintaining time and cost-effectiveness.