20/ Taiping Development
Kunming / China







Kunming, China





  • YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Kunming, China
  • TYPOLOGY : Mixed-Use
  • STATUS : Concept

The mixed-use development consists of a boutique hotel, residential apartments, offices, retail, parks, and parking. The site is located on a hill within a forest in Taiping, approx. 30km from Kunming, China. Vernacular Chinese elements inspire the project. The design is based on the idea to connect the surrounding forest with parks within the site conceived as layered fields, taking inspiration from Chinese rice fields. The layered landscape surrounds the ellipse-formed towers to create a homogeneous relationship.
The wood facade is inspired by ancient vernacular Chinese architecture. The depth of the ellipse formed rings on each floor changes according to orientation and program. The use of bamboo on the residential balconies amplifies the feeling of nature. The green rooftops will offer impressive views towards the surrounding woods and nature of Taiping.

International invited competition, first prize

PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas

PPA competition Design team: Peter Pichler, Gianluigi D´Aloisio, Daniele Colombati, Giovanni Paterlini, Cem Ozbasaran

GFA: 102.000 m²

CLIENT: Keycity Group