The Architects Series – A documentary on: Peter Pichler Architecture

We had the honor and privilege of being invited by The Plan and Iris Ceramica Group to be part of ‘The Architect Series’, a project that documents the work of major architecture and design firms around the world.

Watch the full documentary below.

“Peter Pichler Architecture is a successful architecture workshop that stands out for its innovative, contemporary approach. Its avant-garde designs are distinguished by a deep respect for tradition and the natural environment.

Understanding tradition is key to radical evolution, and Peter Pichler Architecture is well aware of the fact. As a result, each project reveals a thorough familiarity with the local culture and respect for the natural environment.

Sustainability is fundamental for the Milanese practice – not simply as an add-on, but as a principle to be followed in every project. Committed to creating sustainable projects from start to finish, PPA always collaborates with engineers to measure the impact of its work. Materials are locally sourced to create projects that respect both the local environment and community.”