Italian Design Day

We were invited by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to be part of the latest edition of the ‘Italian Design Day,’ where some of the most representative Made in Italy brands were exhibited.

Held at different Italian embassies around the world, the exhibition presented a series of video interviews with Italian architects and designers exploring issues such as sustainability, circular economy models, exploitation of natural resources, and recycling. These topics were addressed by highlighting the positive practices that are defining new attitudes in production based on continuous change and adaptation to the changing conditions of society and the environment.

Watch the whole interview below.

“What has always distinguished Italian design is the ability to build virtuous relationships between creativity and products that have allowed companies in the sector to go beyond conventional positioning activities and, instead, to propose a much more strategic construction of value. For this reason, on this occasion we present the exhibition: Light on Made in Italy, a photographic exhibition that presents the products of some of the most representative brands of design in Italy.”